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About Galaxy:

Galaxy is "performance driven", keeping abreast of the latest technology, and incorporating only those components and manufacturing techniques that yield superior performance and end-user benefit.

All of GALAXY'S products are "made to order" to size measurements and option selections provided by the customer or installing contractor.

Our History:

During the mid 1970's, America experienced the hardships of what has been called the "energy crisis", a situation in which the availability of petroleum based heating products was limited due to the control of it's source by foreign interests. The cost for such products escalated severely. In the classic American way, our technical and manufacturing resources were marshalled to offset any disastrous impact from a recurrence of such a serious economic event. By the early 1980's, products had been developed which improved our ability to conserve energy by stemming the loss of valuable heat from buildings on an everyday basis. A major point of heat loss was through windows, which had virtually no insulation value, and simply stopped the entry of wind, rain and snow into a building. The vinyl window industry became the most significant force in achieving our needed goals.

In 1983, GALAXY MFG. COMPANY was formed in Syracuse N.Y. to manufacture a line of energy efficient window products for installation in Central New York State, a region which experiences a wide swing of climatic conditions throughout the year, from 90° summers, to the famous sub-zero, 160" plus inches of snow fall most winters. The generic windows sold through distributors were reasonably effective in some regions of the country, but the demands of the weather in the Northeast required much more thermally efficient windows to maximize energy conservation, and keep the long range cost of heating homes affordable.

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